What to Know About Your Vitamins

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While it’s true that our main source of nutrients are the food we eat, which are ideally fruits and vegetables, certain factors can also affect this nutrient acquisition. These include busyness with life’s responsibilities, illnesses, and the lack of access to nutritious meals. For this reason, we take vitamin pills to supplement our nutritional needs.

If you would like to know the exact vitamin you need, you can consult your doctor about it or inquire from our pharmacists at Castillo’s Pharmacy in Cape Coral, Florida. Meanwhile, here are important reminders when we’re taking vitamins every day.

  • Vitamins need to be stored properlySome vitamins, such as those of fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, they require refrigeration in order to preserve their potency. Ensure that your vitamins can be properly stored at home.
  • Some vitamins may have negative reactions to the current medications we’re takingThe most usual scenario occurs when you’re under medication that affects your nutritional content, and you will need further doses of vitamins to supplement this nutrient loss. If you’re uncertain about these reactions, better consult with your doctor first before taking any vitamin.
  • Each vitamin contains unique effects to your healthFor instance, some vitamins are required only when a woman is pregnant, and another when they need to boost their immune system. To better aid you in quality Medication Therapy Management in Florida, we encourage you to talk with our licensed pharmacists.
  • Determine the benefits of your current vitaminThis way, you can take full advantage of their effects by supplementing it with healthy diet and the active lifestyle. This also helps you determine if you will still need other vitamins or not.
  • Vitamins also need to be taken at the right dosageJust because they’re vitamins doesn’t mean they have to be taken more than what is prescribed. Coordinate with your doctor or pharmacist (in the case of over-the-counter vitamins) as to how much you should take in a day.
  • Certain vitamins can also be boosted with certain foodsFor instance, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A and D) are more optimized when your food has fatty contents. Just ensure that your dietary regulations are also observed and well-implemented.
  • Be careful in reading the nutritional labels of your vitamin bottle to supply you with knowledge as to the nutrients you’re gettingThis information helps you be in charge of your health, by determining if you’ve taken the nutrients fit for your body’s needs.

As a Medicine Shoppe in Cape Coral, Florida, our pharmacy works with you in gaining access to important medications and medical supplies to promote your quality of life. Whether it’s for Diabetes Care or daily vitamins, you will have better access to reliable healthcare interventions for your overall health.

If you have questions about your medicines or you have needs of additional medical supplies, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to be of assistance to you.

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