Generic vs. Brand-Name Medications: Which Is Better?


Are you torn between consuming generic drugs or brand-name medicines? Does buying either one of the two make a difference in one’s recovery? When your physician prescribes you a brand-name medicine, and your pharmacist recommends a generic version, which one do you take? How do you make the right decision when buying in a Compounding Pharmacy in Cape Coral? If you have the same concerns, read on.

Brand-name medicines come from pharmaceutical companies that market the medicine. These manufacturers conduct several clinical trials to prove the efficiency of their drugs. Hence, the difference in prices between brand-name drugs and generic drugs. However, this doesn’t render generic drugs and compounded medications ineffective.

In fact, generic drugs and compounded medicines contain the same active ingredient as brand-name medicines. While their manufacturers don’t spend a penny on research and development or buying rights to sell them, a provider of compounding services can attest that they have the same quality, strength, and dosage as brand-name drugs.

Generic drugs and their branded versions may differ in size, shape, color, flavorings, and non-active ingredients. Nonetheless, both have the same medicinal effects. However, it’s important to note that not all brand-name prescriptions have generic versions, and some people respond poorly to generic versions. It would be wise to consult your physicians first about taking generic drugs or opting for drug compounding in Florida.

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