Your Guide to Taking Weight Loss Medications


Weight loss pills help millions of people maintain a healthy weight, especially those with eating disorders, obesity-related diseases, and rare genetic disorders. Before getting these medications at a compounding pharmacy in Cape Coral, and even before it could be recommended, patients go through a BMI test and a thorough medical history and are oriented on the pros and cons of taking weight-loss pills and compounded medications.

Some weight loss medications help reduce the amount of fat and oils the body absorbs per meal, while others stimulate certain chemicals in the brain to suppress their appetite. Experts on drug compounding in Florida say these medications help reduce their risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. However, these medications are not for everyone, and without a physician’s recommendation, these medications can endanger patients. One should only use these medications to supplement good sleep, a healthy diet, exercise, and healthy habits, in general.

Here are a few things to remember when prescribed weight management medications:

  • Side effects like nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and insomnia may lessen over time. Serious side effects like increased heart rate, pancreatitis, severe allergic reactions, and rectal bleeding are rare, so it’s best to discuss the possible side effects of your treatment with your physician.
  • Patients may gain back lost weight when they stop taking medications, but it’s nothing a healthy lifestyle can’t fix. Pharmacies with weight management and compounding services are your best friend throughout and after your treatment.
  • One may be recommended to stay on medication for years depending on their progress. Only when a patient’s progress is stable can they be advised to wean off medications.
  • Weight loss pills and compound prescription may be used to treat other conditions like migraine and depression. Let your doctor choose a dual-purpose medication that works for you.
  • Avoid these medications if you’re planning to conceive or are already pregnant.

Dealing with weight-related conditions can be a challenge, but with the right support system, it’s never impossible. Trust Castillo’s Pharmacy to have your best interest at heart. We offer weight management services and hormone replacement therapy in Florida. Contact our experts to learn more about our services.

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