A Little History of Pharmaceutical Compounding


History is an essential ingredient for our present and our future. Like how a Compounding Chemist doesn’t miss an element when compounding medicine, we shouldn’t miss learning about history. We shouldn’t miss learning about the history of Pharmaceutical Compounding.

Long before services on Drug Compounding in Florida, we offered the practice of compounding used as medicine or remedy for different illnesses has been used since ancient times. The ancient healers used to compound properties like animal parts, plants, and fungus, among others, to be used as the ill’s cure. One example of ancient compounding medicine is a soothing ointment where cool water, leaf, and mud are combined.

During the 19th century, modern Compounding Services first started. It is also the beginning of pharmaceutical compounding. This happened when various compounds from coal tars needed to be isolated to produce synthetic dyes. Then 1800’s pharmacists started compounding crude drugs to extract chemical compounds. Water or alcohol is added to these compounded drugs, creating concoctions, decoctions, and extracts.

Here at Castillo’s Pharmacy, we learn from our history. We return to our roots, especially on our mission of promoting and providing reliable patient care services. It is to enhance the practices that will lead you to the best remedy results. The more we learn about our history in pharmaceutical compounding, the more we give ourselves better chances of healing and living a better life.

Visit our Compounding Pharmacy in Cape Coral today and get your medicine compounding.

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