Different Types of Medicine Compounding


When pharmacies offering Drug Compounding in Florida provide their service, you must know the many types of medicine compounding. For today, we are getting a brief description of two of the two of medicine compounding: types of compounding pharmacies and types of compounds.

The first is the types of compounding pharmacies. There are two types of this. One is a 503A compounding pharmacy that compounds medications based on the Compound Prescription given by the medical professional. The second one is 503B compounding pharmacies. The pharmacies compound sterile medication and sell the medicine to different medical facilities.

The second is the types of compounds. Sterile and non-sterile are the two types of compounds. Sterile compounds need an extra clean environment to prevent contamination and lose their effectiveness. Examples include eye drops and injections. On the other hand, non-sterile compounds include capsules and creams. These do not need extra environmental attention, just the usual cleanliness.

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