Questions to Ask Before Taking Medications


Medication intake is an essential part of patients’ daily routines. Medications have a positive impact on their recovery. This is why it is extremely important for them to make the most out of these as much as possible. Some of them even take advantage of compounding services to ensure the best results. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as they entrust the responsibility to the experts.

Other than making sure that patients get the most out of their compounded medications, it’s also crucial to attaining medication safety. First and foremost, one must keep in mind that medications have chemical formulations. A single mistake in handling them could have serious consequences. This is why patients must avoid committing errors at all costs.

An excellent safety measure against medication errors is being well-informed about significant medication information. There’s no better way of ensuring this than by asking questions to pharmacists or physicians. Below is a list of questions that you should ask before taking medications.

  1. “Is there any ingredient in it that I might be allergic to?”
  2. “What is the proper dosage for every intake?”
  3. “Are there certain types of food that I need to avoid while taking it?”
  4. “Does it require drug compounding in Florida?”
  5. “What side effects should I expect?”

Don’t hesitate to raise your inquiries to healthcare professionals!

Castillo’s Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy in Cape Coral, has a team of knowledgeable and well-trained pharmacists that’s more than willing to assist you!

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