Guidelines on Medication Safety for Seniors


We know that medicines are intended to heal the sick. However, there are also unsafe practices of medication intake that can affect our health. In this post, we share with you these guidelines on medication safety, especially when the meds are for our aging loved ones.

The emphasis on medication safety for seniors is due to the fact that polypharmacy is common among them. Polypharmacy is when a person takes more than one medicine each day. Because seniors have many age-related conditions, most of them are prescribed with more than one medicine. As a pharmacy, we can help attain this goal of proper Medication Therapy Management in Florida.

Here are the important guidelines you need to keep in mind.

  • Follow Medication InstructionYou can see these instructions on your doctor’s prescriptions or the medicine’s labels. If you’re buying over-the-counter medicines, your pharmacist can guide you. Ask them to help you understand these instructions. Ensure that you grasp in full on how you should follow these instructions.
  • Store Medications SafelyFind an ideal place at home where your meds are away from heat and moisture. This means that in the ideal setting, medicines should not be at the kitchen counter, in the bathrooms, or in cabinets that children can reach. Store the medicines in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep Medicines TogetherWhen seniors are taking pills all by themselves, it can be more convenient for them if all the medicines are kept in the same place. This way, they can remember with ease if some medicines have not been taken yet.
  • Organize the MedicinesProper medicine organization is also helpful for your senior loved one to take their medicines in a correct manner. You can use pillboxes to achieve this. Organize their medicines for a one-week use so you can reduce confusion. Ask about pillboxes from a Medicine Shoppe in Cape Coral, Florida.
  • Set up RemindersYour senior loved one may also forget about their schedule or how much dosage they need to take. Reminders can help them stay on the right track. You can write down reminders and post them in conspicuous areas at home. You can also give them digitized alarm clocks with speaking features so they will have audible reminders.
  • Create a Medication ListYou can also better track your loved one’s medications when you have a list to follow. Ensure that you update this list. Also, state the effects and dosage instructions for their medicines. Include writing any side effects found or adjustments that their physicians made.

If you have inquiries, our licensed pharmacists at Castillo’s Pharmacy are ready to answer these. Feel free to keep in touch with us. We can also assist you in your Diabetes Care practices so you can reach your health goals. Do you have questions or clarifications? Inquire today!

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