How to Soothe a Baby When Taking Vaccine Shots

baby being prepared to be injected

For first-time parents, their first baby’s first vaccination can be a vexing experience. The pain from the shot can cause babies to cry in a heartbreaking manner. As parents, you want to soothe your child as soon as the shots are done. But, is there a way to calm them during vaccine shots? After many medication therapy management in Florida and medication reviews, here is a compilation of the best methods to calm a baby down after vaccination:

  • Be CalmIt doesn’t matter if it is for vaccination or even diabetes care. Injections can cause babies to cry. Parents, especially the first-time ones, tend to panic when they hear their baby cry. Of course, babies can feel their parents’ panic. They oftentimes project what their parents are feeling. Injection time will become a distressing experience for the baby then.
  • Be NearbyDuring a shot, parents should hold their baby and act as a distraction. You need to calm them down. Hold them while keeping the injection site exposed.
  • Breastfed the BabyBreastfeeding the baby during injection lessens the chances of them crying. Food can keep them distracted from the pain of the injection. Of course, there are cases when you should feed the baby after the vaccination. Some babies throw up during the injection, after all.
  • Distract the BabyDistracting the infant during vaccination is one way to keep their mind off the pain. There are many ways to distract them. You can sing a song or dance in front of them. If you want a less tedious option, you can blow bubbles or shake a colorful rattle. Playing with the child can entertain them while the doctor does the shot.
  • Use Numbing AgentsNumbing agents are available in a reputable medicine shoppe in Cape Coral, Florida for babies getting their shots. Rub the numbing agent on the skin surface where the doctor will inject the syringe needle. It may take hours for the rub-on agent to work through. Prepare to spend quite some time in the doctor’s office as you wait for the numbing agent to work.
  • Rub the Skin After InjectionRub the child’s skin near the injection site after vaccination. The light massage can be a distracting stimulation for the newborn. The pain they feel after the injection lessens a lot while you massage them.
  • Feed the Baby Sugar WaterEasing injection pain using sugar water is possible for infants under six months of age. Give them a little sugar water before the injection. You may also dip their pacifier into the liquid. Let them suck on the pacifier while getting the injection.

Castillo’s Pharmacy understands the value of vaccination. Thus, it is imperative that you don’t miss your child’s scheduled vaccine shots. Do you know of other tips and tricks to calm a newborn after vaccination? Share it with us!

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