How Compounded Medications Can Benefit You


Medications are crucial for achieving overall health. They can help treat temporary diseases and even help manage chronic medical conditions. However, not all individuals are able to successfully take their medications due to certain reasons. Some individuals have complications with taking their medications, which is why they struggle to effectively adhere to their medications.

Fortunately, a compound prescription exists. Compound prescription medications that are specifically mixed and prepared for an individual based on their doctor’s prescription. Through compounded medications, more individuals will be able to take their medications exactly as prescribed by their doctor.

Here are some of the benefits of compounding your prescription:

  • It offers more convenience. Through compounding services, your pharmacist will be able to combine multiple medicines into one compound capsule, keeping patients from skipping or forgetting one or more medicines.
  • It makes it easier to take medications. It alters the state, form, and shape of your medications, making them much easier for you to consume.
  • It helps prevent allergic reactions. Compounded medicines are specially designed to meet and satisfy every patient’s unique medical condition and needs. Non-essential ingredients to which a patient is allergic are therefore removed.

Castillo’s Pharmacy is a high-quality compounding pharmacy in Cape Coral. Our goal as a pharmacy is to be able to help you, our customers, and the people in our community achieve good overall health and well-being. That is why strive to find creative and effective ways for us to provide excellent pharmaceutical and healthcare services.

If you are ever interested in considering drug compounding in Florida, please let us know. You may contact us at 239-542-9600 to learn more about the services we provide.

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