Tips for Storing Your Medications Properly


Any form and type of medicine, even compounded medications, vitamins, and supplements need to be stored properly so that they can work as intended. This also prevents harmful health risks such as poisoning, among others.

As the leading compounding pharmacy in Cape Coral, we are experts when it comes to medications. Allow us to share our expert tips on how to properly and safely store your meds.

Store your meds in a cool, dry place because moisture, light, air, and heat can damage them. You may store it in your dresser drawer, in a closet, on a shelf, or in a storage box. Some people store their medicines in a bathroom cabinet, however, it is important to note that the moisture and heat from your sink, bath, and shower may make them less potent or may cause them to go bad, even before the expiration date. Make sure to keep your medications in their original container, without the cotton ball on top. Store them in places where children cannot reach or see them. Always get rid of old or expired medicines so that you or your family members won’t accidentally or unknowingly take them. Lastly, follow specific storage instructions provided by your pharmacist or physician.

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